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Chiropractor in Naperville :: Dr. Richard Whitney

Dr. Richard Whitney

Dr. Richard Whitney

“I got tired of being bitten”…….and ironically knew nothing about chiropractic..

After graduating from college with a Biology and Chemistry degree I was prepared to begin the process of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Illinois. After working as a vet tech for my father, I decided that I wanted to work with people and not small animals and I moved to Dallas, Texas where my brother lived. He is the person who exposed me to all of the benefits of Chiropractic care and it has been a passion of mine since that time.

Chiropractor in Naperville : Education

I became very interested in the field of Chiropractic and pursued my education at the Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas. It was an excellent experience; I was awarded Outstanding Intern of my class and graduated in January of 1993. I immediately moved back to an opportunity in Peoria, Illinois with a large sports and rehabilitation practice. I stayed for 2 years then transitioned to the Naperville/Lisle area where I have practiced ever since.

What Whitney Chiropractic offers

At our Napperville/Lisle Chiropractic Offices we strive to offer excellent friendly service and excellent therapeutic results in an environment where the patient is treated like a member of our family.

Our practice specializes in treating a variety of conditions, including acute and chronic lower back and neck pain, ankle/knee, wrist/elbow and shoulder injuries. We also specialize in treating migraines and headache and performing rehabilitation following an accident or injury. We can provide information about improving your diet, creating a healthier workplace, and increasing the overall quality of your health. All of this is accomplished with a comprehensive approach, utilizing multiple advanced well-established techniques, in conjunction with deep tissue therapeutic techniques and adjunctive therapies.

Dr. Whitney & his family

My wife, 2 teenagers and I are very involved in sports activities in the Naperville/Lisle area. My kids enjoy competitive cheerleading, competitive diving as well as scuba diving, lacrosse, baseball, basketball, football, snow skiing/snow boarding and water skiing as well as boating and water sports. My wife and I enjoy scuba diving, boating, snow skiing and water skiing as well as the shores of Michigan for travel. My wife is a published author of children’s study skills books and I enjoy her love of teaching people about the different aspects of their healthcare.

Being an active family requires routine chiropractic maintenance care. Both of my children were checked and treated with chiropractic care at two days old. With all of their sports involvement, they are old pros when it comes to diagnosing their own spinal and joint sprains/strains etc. My wife has had the honor of being the first person I ever adjusted. She had the misfortune of being involved in a bad car accident when she was younger and requires periodic care for her neck and back.

How we can help

Over the past 18 years I have learned how to treat and educate all types of patients and conditions ranging from sprains and strains, whiplash, severe degeneration and disc herniation. I truly feel that a compassionate heart combined with excellent clinical skills and staff yields the best results and greatest outcomes when treating difficult cases.

Thank you for visiting our site. Please take time and look around. I look forward to meeting you in person and learning how we may be of service to you. Give our office a call, or e-mail me using the link below and let’s arrange a time to explore your health care needs.

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