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About Us

Family laughingSports Injury Care and Pain Relief for Families

Our multi-faceted Chiropractic care center is known as the go-to place for diagnostic excellence. We have a reputation for excellence in fast pain relief and injury recovery, as more than 65,000 patients will testify. Whitney Chiropractic has been serving those in the Naperville community since 1995. We would love to have you join our warm and welcoming Chiropractic family.

Here’s What We Want You to Know

Dr. Richard Whitney has a high level of diagnostic ability. Because of his experience, he can analyze an MRI or a digital X-ray with a level of skill second to none. He has extensive experience addressing sports injuries. Dr. Whitney has helped both amateur and professional athletes get back on the playing field quickly. He gets results in a short amount of time. He does so through unique Chiropractic techniques and soft tissue work to achieve an outstanding outcome.

Working with families is also something Dr. Whitney enjoys. He’s now helping third generation patients, which is immensely fulfilling. It keeps his passion alive. As a lifelong participant in sports of every kind, he enjoys helping kids of every age to excel. He strives to help children of all ages be champions in the sport of their dreams.

Our Hope for You

Our goal is simple. We want you to have fast results in a friendly and efficient manner. Affordability is key. The average patient in our clinic requires only 8-12 visits. Your satisfaction is of paramount importance to us.

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Our practice is unique because we offer a wide variety of techniques for musculoskeletal conditions. These techniques are research-based approaches that get great results. We encourage you to contact us today for a free consultation!


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